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Even a newly built home is not completely free from flaws. Rather than blindly trusting the realtor, it’s a good idea to be aware of all the shortcomings of a property you’re interested in purchasing. Buying a home is a major financial as well as time-consuming decision. Family First Home Inspection specializes in Home Inspections in Altoona. We have years of experience and knowledge for identifying defects in a house. With our services, we can help you make an educated purchasing decision. All our findings are clearly explained in a detailed report to help you understand the current state of the house. We deliver fair and reliable home inspection reports that include high-resolution photographs to support our discoveries. In addition to providing comprehensive inspection reports, our friendly home inspector are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Best Home Inspectors Altoona

Our team of home inspectors in Altoona are properly licensed and certified to provide you with high standards of services. Unlike many other home inspection companies, we don’t dabble in diverse services but focus on providing the best home inspection in Altoona. Our inspectors will carry out a thorough inspection of the house. From the external structure to mechanical systems, we are equipped with state-of-art technology to meticulously inspect every aspect of your home.

We are also fully insured to protect our customers from any unforeseen liabilities. When you’re investing your hard-earned money on buying a house, you don’t want to take chances with a subpar home inspection service. If you’re searching for the best home inspector in Altoona, Family First Home Inspection is the company for you.

Affordable Home Inspection Services Altoona PA

The cost of a home inspection will depend on the type of inspection, size of the house, requirements for ancillary testing, and so on. But no matter which home inspection package you choose, you can trust Family First Home Inspection to offer affordable home inspection services in Altoona, PA. Each and every home inspection service offered by us is fairly priced. Let us help you feel confident about your purchasing decision. Contact us today.

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Basic Home Inspections

A basic home inspection covers every structural aspect of the property as well as systems and appliances that will be passed down to the buyer. Also known as four-point inspection in many US states, a basic home inspection includes looking into the roof, walls, foundation, plumbing, electrical and HVAC system.

The basic home inspection, or any home inspection for that matter, is non-invasive and completely based on the visual interpretation. As a trained and certified home inspector, I know where to look for issues and how to assess the property without probing or drilling holes. The inspection usually takes 2-3 hours for an average home, and another 24 hours to create a detailed written report.

Pest Inspection

Even the well-maintained homes out there can have a persistent pest problem. And pest infestation can range from wasps and mice to bed bugs and termites. Even if there is no pest infestation at the time of viewing, that doesn’t mean the problem cannot arise in the future. Dark, moist and poorly ventilated spaces act as a hotbed for a variety of pests.

When you choose Wise Inspection, you can rest assured that your potential home will be thoroughly assessed for past and present pest infestations. We can also identify areas that might attract pests in the future.

Well and Public Water Testing

Most buyers overlook this aspect of home inspection only to regret later. The water supply to your home can have an underground leakage, which may lead to severe contamination. Even if you have a water purification system in place, you will have to replace its internal components more frequently to cope with the heavy contamination.
This is where expert intervention can save you a lot of hassles, time and money in the future. We will test your well and public water in the laboratory for purity and the kind of contaminants present in it. Based on the severity of water contamination, you can convince the seller to lower the price or walk out of the deal.


Buying a house is a time-sensitive decision. If you don’t put in the offer quickly, other homebuyers will beat you to it. That’s why Family First Home inspection is dedicated to delivering same-day home inspection reports. Our detailed inspection reports are accompanied by high-resolution photographs.

By receiving a complete inspection report within 24 hours, you can quickly move ahead with your offer.


  • We take accountability for our services.
  • We got years of experience on our belt.
  • We always give our honest, unbiased opinion.
  • We use state of the art inspection technologies.


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  • Condominium Inspections.
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  • Commercial Inspections.
  • Moisture Meter Readings.
  • New Construction Inspections.
  • Tarion Warranty Inspections.



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